I'm Sam, a Senior Computer Engineering Student at the Universtiy of Maryland, College Park. I'm in the Honors College, was a part of the FIRE program, and am interested in Computer Vision and Data Science. So far my favorite classes have been Computer Vision and Applications of Linear Algebra.

Outside of school work, I'm an avid techie, a casual gamer, and the occasional aerial & landscape photographer. Check out some of my images spread across my website, like the cinemagraph above.

What I'm Up to Right Now

I spent the summer of 2019 working at Booz Allen Hamilton as an intern in their Summer Games Program. I worked in a small team to advance research on mapping cyber networks using machine learning and AI techniques. We built deep learning models for predicting network traffic and inferring connections on a network using tools like PyTorch, NVIDIA RAPIDS, and Microsoft Azure. This summer was a fantastic learning and networking experience and I'm grateful Booz Allen gave me the chance to see what their company is all about.

During the semester I am a Product Developer for Coder Kids, a rapidly-growing computer science education organization based out of McLean, Virginia. I develop courses for all age groups in many different languages from Scratch to Python. My favorite courses that I've made so far have been creating chatbots in Python and building a battle royale in Unreal Engine 4.